DOCOMO PACIFIC launches “LINK” bundles in Guam. Bundle plans tailored for your needs

Tamuning, Guam (December 9, 2020) – DOCOMO PACIFIC, regional leader in innovation, telecommunications, & entertainment, offers personalized bundle plans for customers in Guam.


The modern home revolves around strong and reliable connections.  Those connections enable families to work and learn from home, to bond over family-friendly TV shows, and to live full lives on-the-go. Taking up a combination of services is often called a “bundle”.  Bundles are often viewed as expensive or ill-suited.  Until now…


DOCOMO PACIFIC invites customers to say goodbye to unfriendly, complicated, and expensive bundles that lack flexibility to meet their needs. We are giving our customers the power to choose the services and plans that are best for them.  The new program is called “LINK” and is the first of its kind in Guam and the CNMI. Customers can select the services they want, starting with an internet plan, and add at least one other service.  Customers save by selecting the plans and packages that suit them best.


How does it work?

To get a first look of overall savings with the LINK bundles, we encourage our customers to visit and try out the Product Selector. This step-by-step feature allows you to mix-and-match different product options to build your special bundle; while calculating your estimated monthly payment and overall savings.

Building your bundle is done in a few simple steps:


Step #1 – Choose your region

We offer different packages to customers in Guam and CNMI to take into account differences in network capacity and customer needs in each region.

Step #2 – Choose the internet speed that’s right for you

DOCOMO PACIFIC offers three options for our customers to choose from, with speeds up to 120mbps, the fastest internet spees on island.


Guam customers – 60.0 MBPS, 90.0 MBPS, and 120.0 MBPS.

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Step #3 – Choose the mobile plan that’s right for you

DOCOMO PACIFIC offers multiple 4G LTE data plans bundled with our popular ACCESS mobile rate plans which provide endless data on the apps customers use most!


Guam customers – 60GB and 80GB. 

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In addition, DOCOMO PACIFIC customers can finance the latest Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones in two affordable ways; installment plans and trade-in. The NOW program enables well-qualified buyers to pay in monthly installments with no upfront costs.   


Step #4 – Choose the TV plan that’s right for you

DOCOMO PACIFIC offers customers an entertainment plan that offers a variety of channels on the award -winning TV platform, TIVO. In addition, TIVO comes with a recording feature so you never miss any of your favorite live and local TV programs.

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Step #5 – Lastly, add in Home Phone services

Our digital home phone service offers customers endless calls to anywhere in the Marianas.


For more details on pricing, data plans, and offers exclusive to DOCOMO PACIFIC customers, please visit or schedule a store visit by visiting the Skiplino app.


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DOCOMO PACIFIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s leading mobile operator. Headquartered in Tamuning, Guam, DOCOMO PACIFIC is the largest provider of personal, residential, enterprise connectivity and entertainment services in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Named Guam’s most reliable network, based on GWS’ 2019 OneScore ranking. We are also the 4-time winner of Pika’s Best of Guam and 4-time winner of Best of The Pacific. DOCOMO PACIFIC is dedicated to bringing you and your family closer to the things that matter most. Get to know more about what makes us “Better Together” at