DOCOMO PACIFIC donates KN95 masks to Guam and CNMI front liners

Tamuning, Guam (May 27, 2020) – DOCOMO PACIFIC, regional leader in innovation, telecommunications, & entertainment, donates 3,550 KN95 masks to Guam and CNMI front liners during this ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KN95 masks are considered the gold standard of respiratory masks as they filter out at least 95% of very small particles from the air. Since the quarantine began in March, these masks have been in high demand, causing shortages in supply. Our donation list included:

  • 1,770 to Guam Homeland Security
  • 700 to St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home
  • 700 to Catholic Social Services
  • 180 to Kamalen Karidat
  • 200 to CNMI first responders

"We want to thank DOCOMO PACIFIC for their large donation of masks. The masks provided will be used to protect Guam’s front liners and first responders. We are grateful to have private partners like DOCOMO PACIFIC support us during emergencies and disasters.” 

Charles V. Esteves, Administrator for the Office of Civil Defense
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Donation to Guam Homeland Security

(From left): Lisa Salisbury, Enterprise Brand Owner, DOCOMO PACIFIC; Nathan Denight, Enterprise Marketing Director, DOCOMO PACIFIC; Charles Esteves, Administrator, Office of Civil Defense; and Jaime Ann Harris-Cruz, Program Coordinator, Office of Civil Defense

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Donation to St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home (SDSCH)

(From left): Ruth Alcoran, Secretary, SDSCH; Roderick Boss, Chief Executive Officer, DOCOMO PACIFIC; and Dee Perez-Damian, Brand Director, DOCOMO PACIFIC

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Donation to Catholic Social Services (CSS)

(From left): Dee Perez-Damian, Brand Director, DOCOMO PACIFIC; Roderick Boss, Chief Executive Officer, DOCOMO PACIFIC; Jay Phillip, Maintenance, CSS; and Diana Calvo, Executive Director, CSS

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Donation to Kamalen Karidat

(From left): Doris Royal, Program Director, Kamalen Karidat and Roderick Boss, Chief Executive Officer, DOCOMO PACIFIC


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