DOCOMO PACIFIC keeps the Marianas connected

TAMUNING, GUAM (March 17, 2020) – DOCOMO PACIFIC, regional leader in innovation, telecommunications, & entertainment removes data caps and offers payment graces to keep the Marianas connected.  

In times of rapid change, we rely on the strength of our connections. For the next 30 days we want to make it easier for you to stay connected to the things that matter most. We’re removing all data caps for anyone with a postpaid mobile plan. During this time, we are also offering payment graces. There will be no disconnections nor late fees imposed on any customer who may be going through financial hardship.

Rod Boss, President and CEO, DOCOMO PACIFIC via Twitter (@dpac_ceo)

If you are a DOCOMO PACIFIC customer who has a postpaid mobile plan in Guam or the CNMI, we are giving you endless mobile data for the next 30 days. Endless data means that you can connect more, work from home more, and share educational content and entertainment with your children who may be home from school. 

We also recognize the economic strain that our residential and business customers are experiencing. We have paused all disconnects due to non-payment and will be waiving all late fees during the same 30-day period.

For our customers, please remember that our commitment to keeping you connected remains. We are here for you in-store, by phone, via email and through social media.  Let’s stay Better Together in these trying times.  


DOCOMO PACIFIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s leading mobile operator. Headquartered in Tamuning, Guam, DOCOMO PACIFIC is the largest provider of personal, residential, enterprise connectivity and entertainment services in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. As the 4-time winner of Pika’s Best of Guam, 3-time winner of Best of The Pacific, DOCOMO PACIFIC is dedicated to bringing you and your family closer to the things that matter most. Get to know more about what makes us “Better Together” at