DOCOMO PACIFIC hosts island’s first distance learning class over 5G.

Tamuning, Guam, August 23, 2019 – Key benefits of 5G were realized today, when DOCOMO PACIFIC hosted a collaborative learning event, uniting students in Guam and Japan over its ultra-high speed broadband connection.  A first for Guam and the region. 

“Higher speed and lower latency are necessary in the creation of immersive experiences, says Roderick Boss, President & CEO of DOCOMO PACIFIC. Creating a virtual classroom over 5G, delivered through a state-of-the art, life-size video conferencing system, makes it difficult  to distinguish the remote setting from actually being there.”

Sixteen students from the Guam Department of Education’s Jose Rios Middle School were selected to join students from four junior high schools in Fukuoka prefecture in an enhanced virtual classroom setting.  Facilitated through NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation’s “Smooth Space2” video conferencing solution, powered by DOCOMO PACIFIC’s 5G network, these students discussed tourism and the environment in a near-there experience. 

“This opportunity for our Jose Rios Middle School students to collaborate with students in Fukuoka on tourism and environmental issues through the use of technology, aligns with our school wide learner outcomes of being Resourceful problem solvers, Involved citizens, Open-minded and creative thinkers and Self-motivated learners.  This cultural exchange through the use of the technology centered on an action plan to help save the environment allows our students to interact and solve problems collaboratively.  The use of technology helps affirm meaningful relationships and it teaches them to communicate and collaborate across cultures and allows them to build relevant and engaging learning experiences.” said, Mariann Lujan, Principal, Jose Rios Middle School.

 Statement from NTT DOCOMO

Near-there learning is one of the use cases that DOCOMO considers with the spread of 5G in the future, it will become possible to interact not only within buildings but also through outdoor activities and relay messages to homes. With the aim of commercializing 5G, DOCOMO will continue to strengthen cooperation with 5G Open Partners and other partners in Japan and overseas to realize services that 5G technology enables.

5G is the fifth evolution of the mobile network, delivering increased speeds and lower latency.  DOCOMO PACIFIC opened the DOCOMO 5G Open Lab Guam in March of 2019 allowing global and local partners to co-create and test solutions in a 5G environment through its 5G Open Partner Program. 

DOCOMO 5G Open Lab Guam is NTT DOCOMO’S 4th lab and its first outside of Japan.  DOCOMO PACIFIC has over 100 members participating in its 5G Open Partner Program including the University of Guam, Guam Power Authority, FHP and Bank of Guam.  There is no cost to join the 5G Open Partner Program.



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