DOCOMO PACIFIC contributes over $8 million worth of free services and donations to help families affected by Super Typhoon Yutu

Tamuning, Guam— In true better together spirit, DOCOMO PACIFIC and its loyal customers and community & business partners are making a meaningful contribution to families affected by Super Typhoon Yutu.


Through a collective effort, DOCOMO PACIFIC has helped contribute more than $8-million worth of services, donations, and public outreach to the rebuilding and recovery process of the Marianas following the typhoon.

The road to recovery will take months and even years, but I have witnessed firsthand the outpouring of support for those impacted by Super Typhoon Yutu. We are forever grateful for the generosity of so many in our community including DOCOMO PACIFIC who without hesitation immediately offered direct assistance towards our disaster relief efforts and also offered FREE services and contributions to hundreds of families in the Marianas. This act of kindness helped to alleviate some of the stress we’ve all experienced so that we can focus on recovery and get back on our feet. For several years, DOCOMO PACIFIC has been instrumental in giving back to our community and we appreciate their continued dedication in times like these delivering on their “Better Together” promise.

Nola Hix, Co-Founder/Emeritus, Marianas Young Professionals 

Just as we believe that communication transforms lives, more importantly, we know the tremendous responsibility we have to our community to utilize our resources, technology, and services in times of need. We continue to stand with the CNMI and offer our full support as we rebuild and recover. Meanwhile, the power of technology, especially the use of mobile devices, has helped highlight a new generation of philanthropists who want to make a difference. We are extremely touched by the generosity of our customers and community & business partners and thank them for their contributions. The CNMI holds a special place in our hearts, so we’re appreciative of all the collective efforts by our island communities. 

Roderick Boss, President and CEO, DOCOMO PACIFIC 


Immediately following the typhoon, DOCOMO PACIFIC pledged its full support to the recovery process by offering free mobile, internet, TV and phone services including free data top-ups from October 24 to December 31 last year. We wanted our customers to focus on their families and not on their bill at this time. Customers who are still waiting for services to be restored will not be charged until restoration is completed.  



Showcasing the spirit of ONE Marianas, DOCOMO PACIFIC allowed GTA subscribers to roam for FREE for one month on our network in Saipan, including those service members helping with recovery efforts. Utilizing our widest 4G LTE network in the Marianas, many GTA subscribers used our free mobile services in Saipan following the storm. We appreciate GTA customers for trusting the strength and stability of our network to stay connected while in Saipan.



Mobile technology has underscored the effectiveness of public outreach and changed how companies like DOCOMO PACIFIC can offer immediate support.


Thanks to their generous contributions, DOCOMO PACIFIC customers have raised $4,300 to be donated to the American Red Cross Relief Efforts in Saipan and Tinian. The funds were generated strictly through a text-to-donate fundraising initiative that allowed DOCOMO PACIFIC customers to use their mobile devices to provide immediate support.


In addition to this campaign, DOCOMO PACIFIC associates came together for the “Marianas Strong Wave and Contribution Drive” on Nov. 5th in front of our Tamuning HQ. Over a two-hour span, our team waved and collected donations from drivers stuck in traffic wanting to offer their support. The proceeds will go directly to the Marianas Young Professionals (MYPros), a non-profit organization in Saipan, who are spearheading several typhoon-relief efforts.



Working together with Son of the Marianas Frank Camacho, DOCOMO PACIFIC helped produce and support the “MYPros Frank the Crank Typhoon Yutu Recovery” online series that documented the devastation of the storm in Saipan, but more importantly highlighted the strength of its people in the aftermath. The series helped reach a large audience and offered viewers a glimpse of the recovery process.


DOCOMO PACIFIC remains committed to restoring all of our services, and keeping families connected to the things that matter most.


For more information, feel free to reach out to DOCOMO PACIFIC Public Relations Coordinator Ken Quintanilla at

DOCOMO PACIFIC contributes $8-million worth of free services and donations to Super Typhoon Yutu Relief Efforts in the CNMI. Thanks to the generosity of DOCOMO PACIFIC Customers who participated in our Text-To-Donate Campaign, a total of $4,300 was raised and donated to the American Red Cross for Yutu Relief Efforts. Pictured from left are Elizabeth Henry, Vice President of Customer Care and Retail, DOCOMO PACIFIC; Chita Blaise, Executive Director, American Red Cross Guam Chapter; and Roderick Boss, President and CEO, DOCOMO PACIFIC