Telecom provider launches bundled service plans that include TiVo

Tamuning, Guam— DOCOMO PACIFIC is transforming your television, mobile, online and home telephone experience with the introduction of ONE. ONE is Guam’s most advanced quad-play offer that includes the award-winning television entertainment system, TiVo. Now with ONE, the fastest online speeds on Guam just got faster. For the first time, DOCOMO PACIFIC will introduce triple-digit online speeds, increasing our fastest speed from 75 Mbps to 100 Mbps.


Guam’s fastest online service can now be combined with the island’s widest 4G LTE mobile network, the most convenient data sharing app as well as unbeatable TV and phone services.


Each ONE plan is simple and worry-free, made to meet the needs of an individual or family, delivering great value and extras you can add at any time, like premium channels or cultural programming. Now, customers can choose:

·       ONE Me: One (1) mobile line, 12 GB of mobile data, up to 50 Mbps online speeds, digital/HD TV, home telephone and 200 minutes of long distance calling to the US.


·       ONE We: Two (2) mobile lines, 24 GB of shareable mobile data, up to 50 Mbps online speeds, digital/HD TV, home telephone and 200 minutes of long distance calling to the US.


·       ONE Family: Three (3) mobile lines, 36 GB of shareable mobile data, up to 75 Mbps online speeds, digital/HD TV, home telephone and 200 minutes of long distance calling to the US.


·       ONE Family Plus: Four (4) mobile lines, 48 GB of shareable mobile data, up to 100 Mbps online speeds, digital/HD TV, Premium US Channels, home telephone, and unlimited long distance calling to the US.

All ONE plans include TiVo, the highly acclaimed, award-wining television entertainment system that features:


·       Unified Search: Search multiple platforms like traditional television programming, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube at one time. Find movies and shows by title, actor, or keyword. No more searching through individual apps to find what you’re looking for.


·       OnePass: Track down every season of your favorite show, whether it’s on TV or streaming. Create your customizable watchlist. OnePass records your upcoming shows and adds them to your list so you can enjoy whenever you’d like.


·       DVR: Record up to six shows at a time and 150 hours of high-definition programming— more than seven times the storage space of our current boxes.


·       QuickMode: When viewing a recorded show, zip through a show 30% faster with pitch-corrected audio so you never miss a word.

·       Multi-Room Experience: Enjoy the TiVo experience beyond your living room. Add an eBOX to any room, pause a show in one room and pick it up in another, and watch all of your recorded content anywhere in the house.

·       VU-IT Mobile Application: Access all your OnePass shows right from your tablet or smartphone. Whether it’s live TV, or streaming content, all your favorites are at your fingertips. Enjoy them at home or download recorded content to take with you.

Along with TiVo, all ONE plans will also include:


·       myData+: our mobile app that allows you to truly view, share, and manage each of the mobile phones within your ONE plan.


·       Device Replacement: Exclusively with DOCOMO PACIFIC, replace your phone up to two times within a 12-month rolling period for $150 per claim.


·       Access to DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi Hotspots throughout the island.


·       Remote Support: Real-time technical assistance, no matter where you are! With your permission, our tech team can view and assist— that’s tech support right in the palm of your hands.

Our ONE bundle plans deliver great value to our customers. All households in Guam can now enjoy TV, online, mobile, and home telephone plans that are perfectly tailored to their needs. ONE amazing experience. ONE provider. ONE bill. Our new award winning TiVo Entertainment system maximizes your traditional cable TV service by unifying your cable TV content with video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. And now with ONE, for the first time in Guam, we’ll be introducing 100 Mbps online— Guam’s fastest online experience and first triple digit speed. The fastest speed on Guam just got faster.

Jonathan Kriegel, President & Chief Executive Officer, DOCOMO PACIFIC 
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