DOCOMO PACIFIC announces grant of FCC license for ATISA cable system.

Landmark submarine cable system targeted for completion in second quarter 2017

DOCOMO PACIFIC, Inc. announced today that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has approved the landing license for its ATISA submarine fiber-optic cable system—a key milestone in the ongoing project that will connect Guam, Saipan, Rota, and Tinian.


Set to launch in June 2017, DOCOMO PACIFIC is investing over $16 million in the state-of-the-art submarine cable system named ATISA and an additional $9 million to expand fixed and mobile networks in Saipan, Rota, and Tinian. The cable system will extend approximately 279 kilometers. As the vessel laying the ATISA cable system makes its way to Guam in the next few weeks, progress continues in Rota and Tinian to complete construction on new cable landing stations.


The ATISA cable system will have a maximum capacity of 4.8 Tbps (terabits per second). At launch, the initial lit capacity will be 200 Gbps (Gibabits per second). ATISA will deliver internet speeds up to 60 Mbps, over 200 cable TV channels, Video-on-demand, Pay-per-view, and fixed line telephone.

Receiving FCC approval brings us one step closer to launching a project that is much more than a commercial venture. ATISA will enable the Marianas to truly connect to the things that matter most. For businesses with roots in the CNMI, we will deliver a suite of enterprise solutions created to support your growth and development using secure and reliable connectivity. We look forward to offering consumers and businesses in the CNMI a choice in their telecommunications and entertainment services.

Jonathan Kriegel, President & Chief Executive Officer, DOCOMO PACIFIC