TAMUNING, GUAM: On Wednesday, October 18, DOCOMO PACIFIC launched a groundbreaking service offer for 2016. The service offering entitled, "MyShare Plans" comprises a wide range of new services for DOCOMO PACIFIC subscibers. The new plans are one of the biggest projects for the company to date.

The MyShare Plans are exclusive to DOCOMO PACIFIC and offer a wide variety of new services, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • MyPlan+ and MyFamily: Plans that allow users to share large buckets of mobile data with unlimited local Voice Calls & SMS.
  • MyDATA+ App: Share mobile data in real-time, in the simple swipe of a button.
  • Device Replacement: Replace broken devices up to twice per year at a low cost of $150.00.
  • Remote Support: Secure permission-based remote access to technical support.
  • Easy Installment Plans: Allow users to get the latest devices with low installment pricing.

These plans are available to all DOCOMO PACIFIC subscribers. DOCOMO PACIFIC encourages all subscribers to avail of MyShare Plans.

Each day more of our customers are accessing the internet, social media, news and entertainment using their mobile devices. The MyShare plans offer you a whole new way to share your mobile data with family members using the MyData+ App. Just slide the bar in the app to give each person their share. That's it! We are also introducing device replacement, to provide peace of mind, and remote support to make it easier to get help anytime, anywhere. MyShare plans provide a simple, worry-free way to enjoy mobile data and bring you closer to the things that matter most.

Jonathan Kriegel, President & CEO, DOCOMO PACIFIC

DOCOMO PACIFIC subscribers can learn more about MyShare Plans by visiting any DOCOMO PACIFIC location.

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