TAMUNING, GUAM: DOCOMO PACIFIC released a short film on social that captures a very special moment between local filmmaker, Brian Muna, and new fiancé, Marissa Ricalde. The buzzing video garnered thirty-eight thousand views and shared about 360 times on Facebook, with numerous likes and reactions.

DOCOMO PACIFIC's production crew collaborated with Muna to shoot a mock television commercial which resulted in the actual marriage proposal of Muna to Ricalde, whom met on a production set a few years prior.

Creative Manager with DOCOMO PACIFIC, Bobby Bonifacio Jr., was initially intrigued by the idea as Muna's pitch came around the same time as DOCOMO PACIFIC's "Twenty Percent More Data" launch, with the theme focused on sharing moments.

Beginning with two actors struggling to complete their lines, the female actress next proceeds to leave the set as planned. Ricalde was then asked to stand in, along with Muna, to assist the actors with the desired outcome of the scene. Ricalde's understanding of the project was to assist Muna in capturing Behind-the-Scenes footage. Shortly after, the true story line unveils with a banner dropping in the background, displaying the words: "Marissa, Will You Marry Me?"

Reciting his lines as expected, Muna then drops the script, revealing instead a jewelry box in place of the mobile phone used in its place earlier.

"I had a guide of what I wanted to say to her; where I wanted the words to go. But once it came down to actually doing it, all of those important points I had outlined went out the door." 

Brian Muna, Groom to Be

"I was completely surprised to find out that he had been planning this real-time production to ask me to marry him for the past few months." 

 Marissa Ricalde, Bride to Be

"When Brian told us he wanted to propose to Marissa, we thought that this was a great moment to share online. Nowadays, more people rely on data to access content that entertains and inspires. We jumped into this project hoping that our viewers would be inspired to share moments like these online."

Bobby Bonifacio Jr., Creative Manager, DOCOMO PACIFIC

The video continues to create buzz, with new views and shares added daily. Muna and Ricalde are looking forward to sharing their story with the world.

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