Layout empowers customers through interaction and engagement

Tamuning, Guam: DOCOMO PACIFIC announces the re-opening of their Guam Premier Outlets (GPO) retail space. The unveiling is part of a transformation strategy that empowers customers through engagement and interaction to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

The innovative floor plan maximizes the 250-square-foot-space by removing glass counters and other barriers, allowing DOCOMO PACIFIC associates to connect with customers. The placement of the Express and Customer Service stations optimize the time spent with customers by efficiently providing solutions focused on their needs.

"We not only transformed the way the space looked, but also how customers interact with our products and people, allowing us to bring them closer to the things that matter most"

Elizabeth Henry, Vice President of Customer Service at DOCOMO PACIFIC

Enhanced features include:

Express Service Stations: Customers are now able to walk up to two (2) stations designed to quickly serve customers with single transactions.

Top 10 Display: Located in the center of the retail space, this feature invites customers to experience the industry’s most advanced devices.

Customer Service Bays: Stations focused on providing individualized customer support. Accessory Panels: Display areas that highlight the island’s largest selection of device accessories.

Prepaid Card Machine: Customers now have access to wireless prepaid cards through an automated system without standing in line.

This launch is the start of a transformation plan that will soon open doors to a new location in Dededo as well as the redesign of DOCOMO PACIFIC’s Agana Shopping Center and Micronesia Mall locations, and will culminate with the company’s move to a new headquarters in Tamuning.

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